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Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are used to select a single item in a list of options.


To render a radio button, apply the class a-input to an input type="radio". For proper styling, radio buttons require an empty label element defined immediately after their declaration.


Group radio buttons in a-formGroup for easy stacking.

<div class="a-formGroup">
  <input class="a-input" type="radio" name="radios" id="radio1">
  <label for="radio1"></label>
  <label class="-text" for="radio1">Radio Button</label>
<div class="a-formGroup">
  <input class="a-input" type="radio" name="radios" id="radio2" disabled>
  <label for="radio2"></label>
  <label class="-text" for="radio2">Disabled Radio Button</label>


Apply the class -inline to a-formGroup to display radio buttons inline.

<div class="a-formGroup -inline">
  <input class="a-input" type="radio" name="inlineRadios" id="inlineRadio1">
  <label for="inlineRadio1"></label>
  <label class="-text" for="inlineRadio1">Option 1</label>
<div class="a-formGroup -inline">
  <input class="a-input" type="radio" name="inlineRadios" id="inlineRadio2" disabled>
  <label for="inlineRadio2"></label>
  <label class="-text" for="inlineRadio2">Option 2</label>