What's new

Chi 2.0 is a major release. Please follow the upgrade guide before updating chi assets.

Chi v2.0.0

April 23, 2020


Breaking changes

  • Renamed: All component class prefixes for consistency with Chi's web component names. (e.g. a-icon is now chi-icon).
  • Renamed: All legacy camel case classes to kebab case (e.g. -floatingLabel is now -floating-label).
  • Renamed: Text utility size classes for consistency (e.g. -text--smaller is now -text--xs).
  • Renamed: Alert close CSS classes from dismiss to close (e.g. m-alert__dismiss-button is now chi-alert__close-button).
  • Renamed: Number Input component container from m-input__wrapper to chi-number-input.
  • Renamed: Number Input Expanded component container from m-inputNumber to chi-number-input -expanded.
  • Changed: Number Input sizes (e.g. -sm) are now declared on the component container chi-number-input instead of the input.
  • Changed: Card content chi-card__content now displays as flex column by default for consistency with primary use cases. Flex column utility classes no longer need to be applied.


  • Added: Icons to support Enterprise ticketing portal use cases (icon-filter, icon-flag, icon-paste).
  • Added: Consistent 508/WCAG compliant focus state to all Form components and Buttons.
  • Added: Sizing utility now supports width increments of 5% for more control over Enterprise Portal table columns (e.g. -w--45).
  • Added: Skeleton loaders to web components which provide users with an indication that content is loading.
  • Added: Popover now supports footers to store actions such as links and buttons.
  • Added: Breadcrumb now supports five size classes (e.g. -xs, -sm) to render the component larger or smaller.
  • Added: Tabs now support the ability to mark specific tab links as disabled with class -disabled.
  • Added: Text utility heading size classes -text--h1 - -text--h6 to render text with h1-h6 heading tag styles.
  • Added: Card content now supports the child element chi-card__caption as a more consistent way of storing card captions.
  • Added: Card now supports the class -align--center to flex center align all child elements for Enterprise Portal KPI style cards.
  • Added: Card now supports the class -hover--animate to animate a KPI style card on hover.
  • Added: Card now supports the class -no-border to render cards without a border.
  • Added: Button now supports turning off -flat button hover states with the class -no-hover.


  • Changed: Checkbox and Radio Button border width for better consistency with Consumer and Enterprise Portal use cases.
  • Changed: Button base hover and active state color for better consistency with Consumer and Enterprise Portal use cases.
  • Changed: Sidenav has adopted Enterprise Portal's design as the base design for the component. Specifying the class -global-nav is no longer necessary.
  • Changed: Pagination styles have been updated for better consistency with Enterprise Portal use cases.
  • Changed: Progress component base color from semantic green to primary blue for brand consistency.
  • Changed: Date picker dates in calendar now render with a normal font-weight when unselected, and a semi-bold font-weight when selected.
  • Changed: Date picker web component now renders icons using Chi's Icon web component.
  • Changed: Card footers now space buttons automatically using a CSS adjacent sibling combinator.
  • Changed: Alert and Popover web component (beta) mutation observer.
  • Changed: Drawer web component (beta) is now closable by default (primary use case). Added support for non-closable property to render without a close button.
  • Renamed: Alert web component (beta) close property from dismissible to closable for consistency.
  • Renamed: Alert web component (beta) no border property from borderless to no-border for consistency.
  • Renamed: Drawer web component (beta) no header property from headless to no-header for consistency.
  • Renamed: Expansion Panel web component (beta) title property from heading to title for consistency.


  • Fixed: Dropdown bug which failed to toggle some dropdowns using the data-target method.
  • Fixed: Date picker web component bug which caused 24px of whitespace to render below the input.
  • Fixed: Sidenav behavior when menu items have no association to a Drawer.
  • Fixed: Sidenav IE11 compatibility issues.
  • Fixed: Accessibility warning in Drawer web component due to skipped heading level.
  • Fixed: Accessibility error in Number Input web component due to missing label.
  • Fixed: Expansion Panel step numbers did not hide all step number related margins on xs viewports.
  • Fixed: Expansion Panel step numbers could not be turned off on all viewports without the use of margin utilities.
  • Fixed: Expansion Panel -bordered panels rendered large gap of whitespace between header and content.
  • Fixed: Picker Groups with icons were rendered with a 4px smaller height than those without icons.
  • Fixed: Picker height was inconsistent with height of size class -md (base size).
  • Fixed: Alert icons rendering squished on small viewports.
  • Fixed: File Input button padding was not consistent with button component.


Breaking changes

  • Changed: Consolidated all documentation from /javascript and /custom-elements sections into /components to improve usability.


  • Added: Designed new introduction page to better explain Chi and what it provides.
  • Added: Tabs to all documentation code samples that allow toggling between blueprint code and framework code.
  • Added: Property tab to each component page to store properties, events, methods, and more.
  • Added: Accessibility tab to each component page to store accessibility guidelines and best practices.
  • Added: CenturyLink favicon to Documentation website.
  • Added: Drawer documentation example to illustrate the use of the title property.
  • Added: Text Utilities have been updated with new documentation for text sizes and headings.
  • Added: Card examples that illustrate new behavior: No border, Align center, Animate on hover.


  • Changed: Removed Icon SVG sprite method (chi-icons.js) from Icon page in favor of Web Component and Web Font methods.
  • Changed: Unified icons in all documentation examples with web fonts for HTML Blueprints and web component icons for Web Components.
  • Changed: Popover documentation has been updated with new examples.
  • Changed: Moved Development Workflow information to dedicated page within Getting Started.
  • Changed: Documentation content containers from divs to more semantic tags (main, nav, header, article).
  • Changed: Improved component descriptions for Date picker, Expansion panel, Icon, Popover, and Grid.
  • Changed: Improved invalid form examples for Text Input, Textarea, and Select.


  • Fixed: Styles and logic for anchoring headings within documentation pages.
  • Fixed: Bug related to -active class management when navigating to an anchor element within documentation tabs.
  • Fixed: Some Expansion Panel documentation code samples did not match examples.
  • Fixed: Corrected several classes on the Text Utilities page which included a period.

Update CSS classnames

Up until version 1.4.2 of Chi, CSS classnames were based on Atomic Design methodology. Version 2.0 uses Chi specific classname prefixes instead of Atomic ones for consistency with Chi's web component names (e.g. a-icon is now chi-icon).


In order to use Chi 2.0 it is necessary to update classnames that are currently in use in your project.

1. Download the replace.sh script from Chi's repository:


2. Place the Bash script in a folder together with your project to achieve this file structure:

    |── /project_folder
    |── replace.sh

3. Open replace.sh with IDE and change variable PROJECT_SRC with the path corresponding to your project folder:


4. Open terminal, go to the directory with replace.sh and assign necessary permissions to it:

$ chmod +x replace.sh

5. Launch replace.sh script:

$ ./replace.sh

6. Verify Atomic prefixes are correctly replaced.

1. Download replace.bat and classes.txt script from Chi repository:


2. Place both files in a folder together with your project to achieve this file structure:

    |── /project_folder
    |── classes.txt
    |── replace.bat

3. Open replace.bat with IDE and change variable PROJECT_SRC with the path corresponding to your project folder:

set "PROJECT_SRC=project_folder"

5. Launch replace.bat script ( doubleclick on the file )

6. Make sure that Atomic prefixes are correctly replaced

If you have any issues please contact Chi Support by email or chat with us in Microsoft Teams.

Chi v1.4.2

February 27, 2020
  • Fixed bug in Grid component which caused grid columns to render incorrectly in IE11.
  • Fixed bug in Picker and Picker Group component which prevented users from navigating the components with tab and arrow keys.
  • Fixed rendering bug in Badge custom element.
  • Fixed bug in Footer component which caused the brand element to misalign in IE11.
  • Fixed bug in Picker Group component which caused some icons to render without sufficient margin in IE11.
  • Fixed bug in Spinner component which caused spinners to render slightly vertically misaligned in IE11.
  • Fixed bug in Floating Label component which caused placeholder text to render slightly vertically misaligned in IE11.

Chi v1.4.1

February 21, 2020
  • Added new icons for enterprise navigation (icon-chart-line, icon-circle-user, icon-file-invoice, icon-inbox, icon-wrench).
  • Added background color utility for CenturyLink Dark Blue color swatch.
  • Improved selection behavior at all navigation levels in Enterprise Global Nav.
  • Improved Card component markup for better customization of icons.
  • Fixed bug in Icon web component which was missing color support for grey and secondary colors.
  • Added license comment to Chi scripts and CSS.
  • Added Gulp watch to Chi's documentation website/layouts folder.
  • Fixed bug in documentation to improve navigating to the latest Chi version from older Chi versions.

Chi v1.4.0

February 5, 2020
  • Added Enterprise Global Navigation example to Sidenav component.
  • Added Enterprise Global Header example to Header component.
  • Added Portal theme to Table component.
  • Added Portal theme to Modal component.
  • Added Portal theme to Card component.
  • Added -xs size modifier to Tab component.
  • Added breakpoint spec to Grid documentation.
  • Removed border-radius from all components for consistency with Brand guidelines.
  • Improved Table component by enabling size classes on both the table and the tr.
  • Added ability to exclude dates in Date picker component.
  • Added new icon for indicating external links (icon-external-link).
  • Fixed bug in Date picker component which failed to launch the picker when clicking the calendar icon.
  • Fixed missing form label accessibility error in Date picker documentation example.
  • Fixed module export parsing error in build process.
  • Fixed non-functional tabs in Button Group size documentation example.
  • Changed drop down item hover color in Dropdown component for consistency with Brand guidelines.
  • Fixed SASS lint errors.
  • Fixed title attribute removal bug in build process.
  • Fixed bug in documentation which was caching Chi's versions.json data.
  • Fixed accessibility warnings in Sidenav and Tab documentation examples.
  • Fixed disable scroll behavior in Modal and Drawer component.
  • Changed form focus color for consistency with Brand guidelines.
  • Updated all color values in Chi's Teal color ramp for consistency with Brand guidelines.
  • Updated Toggle Switch component markup to fix empty form label accessibility error.
  • Fixed accessibility warnings and errors in Picker and Picker Group component.
  • Fixed bug in IE11 which caused the Drawer component close button to render incorrectly.

Chi v1.3.0

November 21, 2019
  • Added search functionality to Chi documentation portal.
  • Updated Alert component with new design to support additional use cases.
  • Added inverse theme support to Tab component.
  • Updated Backdrop wrapper used by Modal, Spinner, and Drawer components to improve responsive and scrolling behavior on small viewports.
  • Changed Modal components default vertical placement to top and added -center class for vertical centering.
  • Updated Form components with consistent method for displaying Labels in various positions.
  • Updated Form components with method for displaying Icons and other content inline with Labels.
  • Fixed bug in Tab component which positioned dropdown arrows incorrectly when tab size was set to -lg.
  • Changed Badge component size values from small to sm and smaller to xs for consistency.
  • Changed Brand web component color attribute from type to color for consistency.
  • Added new icons for expanding and collapsing content (icon-square-minus-outline, icon-square-minus, icon-square-plus-outline, icon-square-plus).
  • Added new icon to help indicate when edit capabilities have been disabled/canceled (icon-edit-cancel).
  • Added new social media icons (icon-logo-facebook, icon-logo-linkedin, icon-logo-twitter, icon-logo-youtube).
  • Added disabled support to Date picker component.
  • Improved responsiveness of Chi Documentation nav.
  • Improved Popover web component reference validation error message.
  • Updated backstop tests.
  • Fixed SASS linting.
  • Fixed accessibility errors in Button component which rendered Icon buttons without a label.
  • Fixed accessibility warnings in Documentation which rendered pages with skipped heading levels.
  • Fixed accessibility color contrast errors in Avatar, Badge, Divider, Expansion Panel, and Text Input components.
  • Updated Checkbox component markup to fix multiple form label accessibility errors.
  • Updated Radio Button component markup to fix multiple form label accessibility errors.
  • Fixed accessibility errors in Date picker component related to duplicate IDs.
  • Improved Card, Modal, and Popover component markup with more semantic html elements.
  • Fixed missing form label accessibility errors in Documentation form examples.
  • Fixed accessibility warnings in Documentation related to redundant navigation links.
  • Fixed accessibility warnings in Documentation examples related to suspicious link titles.

Chi v1.2.5

October 15, 2019
  • Added Dark version of Sidenav component for Enterprise portals.
  • Added small, medium, and large size support to Sidenav component.
  • Updated Card component documentation with common Dashboard KPI example.
  • Removed unnecessary font-family property from Button component which conflicted with the font-family defined on root.
  • Added icon support to Picker Group component.
  • Updated Drawer component javascript documentation with methods.
  • Updated documentation with a version check to alert users when a new version is available.
  • Fixed Steps component link color inconsistency in base light version.
  • Updated Header component documentation with Enterprise Portal header example.
  • Updated Grid component documentation with base grid guidelines.
  • Updated Dropdown component trigger margin.
  • Updated Progress component bar height.

Chi v1.2.4

September 12, 2019
  • Added responsive behavior to Picker Group component.
  • Fixed bug in Text Input component which failed to style all available HTML5 input types.
  • Fixed bug in Expansion Panel component that prevented long text strings from wrapping.
  • Updated Divider component Color Bar proportions.
  • Added Color utility for muted backgrounds.
  • Added support for centering bubble alerts with new utility class.
  • Updated base Steps component disabled color.
  • Added !important to shadow utility values.
  • Added default color value to o-header__title in Header component.
  • Fixed Steps component bug in IE which caused step numbers to misalign.
  • Replaced modal back SVG icon with Chi web font icon for easier theming.
  • Fixed Steps component bug which was not reseting default browser padding and margin on ul element.
  • Added 720px max width to Sizing utility.
  • Improved responsive behavior of Footer component.
  • Fixed bug in Drawer component which caused the close icon to scroll with content.
  • Fixed bug in Drawer component which caused the drawer to unexpectedly close.

Chi v1.2.3

July 10, 2019
  • Fixed Icon bug which prevented several web font icons from loading.
  • Added new solid and outline Icons for: Cart, Circle Info, Circle Question, Comment, Comments, Database, Home, Mail, Wifi.
  • Fixed Dropdown component bug which prevented the trigger icon from rendering correctly on non-base buttons.
  • Fixed bug which scrolled the underlying body content when a Drawer or Modal was open.
  • Improved Header component responsive behavior.
  • Fixed line-height of base textarea.
  • Added new background color utilities.
  • Fixed bug which sized Spinner components incorrectly when placed inside Modals.
  • Fixed incorrect documentation example code for Tooltips and Date pickers.
  • Fixed Step component bug which colored non-active inverse step lines mint instead of grey.
  • Added Picker Group component.
  • Removed margin-right from Toggle Switch component.
  • Updated Number Input component widths to support more digits by default.
  • Added !important to utility values to allow overriding component styles.

Chi v1.2.2

June 7, 2019
  • Added text and background utility for CenturyLink's primary grey.
  • Added support for -muted to Alert component.
  • Removed support for -light and -dark from Alert component.
  • Fixed Expansion Panel component bug which failed to apply active styles to active panel step numbers.
  • Updated Footer component with correct legal links.
  • Updated base Header and Footer components to use the black Brand logo for consistency with dot com.
  • Fixed Icon Button bug which rendered incorrect padding on :active when a size class was defined.
  • Fixed Tab component animation which was buggy on -lg sized horizontal tabs.
  • Created chi alias to run all development environment commands.
  • Fixed wrapping and margin bugs in documentation examples.
  • Renamed text color utility from -text--inverse to -text--light.
  • Added new reference images for BackstopJS regression tests.
  • Updated development environment tasks to run in Docker.
  • Fixed responsive behavior in Activity component.
  • Updated Authentication templates with Floating Label Input component.
  • Improved design of disabled icon buttons to look more disabled.

Chi v1.2.1

May 17, 2019
  • Fixed Sidenav animation.
  • Fixed Activity lint warnings.

Chi v1.2.0

May 16, 2019
  • Added Javascript Modal component.
  • Added ability to close Modal component via escape key.
  • Fixed margin misalignment bug in Modal component.
  • Added scrolling support to Modal component.
  • Removed forced text-transform from Modal title.
  • Added support for CenturyLink's Color Bar brand element to Divider component.
  • Fixed IE11 content misalignment bug in Header component.
  • Added Activity component.
  • Added support for Warning styles to Badge component.
  • Updated Icon component with new arrow icons.
  • Renamed grey Badge style from Light to Muted.
  • Added new Light Badge and Button style for use on black backgrounds.
  • Fixed IE11 text overflow bug in Picker component.
  • Fixed IE11 tab display bug in Sidenav component.
  • Fixed bug in Button component where outline button background was set to white instead of transparent.
  • Fixed bug in Button component where outline button secondary hover icon color wasn't inheriting text color.
  • Added anchor link support to all sections within Documentation.
  • Added State template to illustrate common user and application states.

Chi v1.1.1

March 29, 2019
  • Fixed vertical nav tab active state.
  • Fixed padding on header mobile.

Chi v1.1.0

March 28, 2019
  • Added support for solid white and solid black logos to brand component.
  • Added label examples to text input and textarea documentation.
  • Added Fieldset template.
  • Added sidenav component which emulates Cyclops's Main Nav component.
  • Added date picker component.
  • Improved truncating logic in Tooltip component to support more characters.
  • Added popover component.
  • Added pagination component.
  • Added tooltip component.
  • Updated Tab component size classes from -large and -small to the more consistent, -lg and -sm.
  • Fixed browser sync issues in dev environment.
  • Added subtitle support to modal component.
  • Fixed line-height bug in Floating Label component.
  • Fixed toggle switches from incorrectly wrapping within Card components.
  • Added fluid support to Button component.
  • Removed white background from outline button hover states.
  • Fixed text input and select input padding inconsistency.
  • Added floating label support to Select component.

Chi v1.0.0

February 22, 2019
  • Updated colors to comply with new guidelines from brand team.

Chi v0.9.1

January 23, 2019
  • Added progress component.
  • Fixed bug in Range Slider component which prevented tooltips from rendering in IE.
  • Added Footer component.
  • Added dropdown and responsive support to Tab component.
  • Updated Position utility with fixed-bottom and fixed-top support.
  • Added concept of grouping to Checkbox and Radio button components.
  • Added Picker component.
  • Added horizontal label support to Steps component.
  • Updated Button component color definition logic in preparation for the rebrand.
  • Updated javascript components to remove redundancies and instantiate consistently.
  • Updated Dropdown component to include the ability to initiate on hover.
  • Added empty and active states to Card component.
  • Added Range slider javascript component.
  • Fixed bug in Button component which colored icons in inverse buttons incorrectly.
  • Added Expansion Panel javascript component.
  • Added Price component.
  • Fixed bug in Drawer component which prevented some drawers from animating.

Chi v0.9.0

December 4, 2018
  • Updated Header component to support black backgrounds.
  • Updated Brand component to support rendering on black backgrounds.
  • Updated font-size of tab component to match Chi's base font-size.
  • Added Tooltip javascript component.
  • Updated Tab component to include hover state.
  • Updated input alignment notation.
  • Fixed flat button bug which prevented the ability to override the button padding with a utility class.
  • Added version dropdown to documentation.
  • Added Changelog page to documentation.
  • Added Floating Label javascript component.
  • Added Steps component.
  • Added new Number Input component.
  • Migrated javascript Tabs component into the new Chi core javascript library.
  • Added javascript Drawer component.
  • Added Z-index utility.
  • Added browser support page to documentation.
  • Added new text color utilities for base/body text and white text.
  • Updated documentation examples to reference new utility notation.
  • Added copy to clipboard functionality to all documentation examples.
  • Added Drawer component.
  • Updated Button component to support a larger set of sizes.
  • Fixed Display utility bug which targeted single breakpoints instead of specific breakpoint + larger.
  • Added javascript Dropdown component.
  • Updated Alert component to enable more flexibility with icons, header sizes, and alignment.

Chi v0.8.3

October 26, 2018
  • Updated grid utility notation.
  • Updated text utilities notation.
  • Added Dropdown component.
  • Added Templates section to documentation with Sign In and Error 500 layout examples.
  • Added Color utility.
  • Added responsive support to Border utility.
  • Added responsive support to Shadow utility.
  • Added Sizing utility.
  • Added responsive support to Spacing utility.
  • Added -pill support to Button component.
  • Added Position utility.
  • Added Header component.
  • Removed unnecessary xs breakpoint from display and flex utilities.
  • Updated Modal component to allow close buttons to render outside of a-modal__header.
  • Improved color documentation.
  • Added Brand component.
  • Added Divider component.
  • Fixed bug that prevented adding buttons to Alert components.
  • Renamed a-formGroup to m-formGroup.
  • Added Spinner component.
  • Added Avatar component.

Chi v0.8.2

October 2, 2018
  • Extended tab functionality by creating tabbable panes of content and animating active tab borders.
  • Updated Badge component to include icon support.
  • Added Icon component with SVG and Web font support.
  • Added Getting Started section.
  • Improved compatibility with Edge and IE11.
  • Added flex utility classes.
  • Merged ux-chi-docs into ux-chi.

Chi v0.8.1

July 13, 2018
  • Updated select form arrow icon and focus color.
  • Added display utility classes.
  • Renamed -d (depth) utility class to -s (shadow).
  • Renamed -primary button class to -brand.
  • Added border utility classes.

Chi v0.8.0

May 24, 2018
  • Added depth utility classes.
  • Enabled spacing utility classes to be combined (i.e. .-p--4 .-pb--0).
  • Added card component.
  • Changed relative base size to 16px (the default on most browsers).
  • Removed API and CLI support to focus strictly on CDN and packaged source as integration options.
  • Added WCAG 2.0 compliant color palette.
  • Updated margin and padding utility classes to include zero.
  • Updated checkboxes and radios to dim both the input and label when disabled.
  • Added margin to checkboxes and radios to provide sufficient space between the input and label.
  • Added support for displaying checkboxes and radios as stacked or inline.
  • Renamed the green themed Badge modifier class from brand to success.
  • Updated the grid system with cleanups and improved responsive support.
  • Added text size and style utility classes.
  • Removed hosted fallback support for Open Sans fonts.
  • Updated Google Fonts reference to always load via https.
  • Moved the package into the `@centurylink` scope (from `@ctl`, which we don't control).
  • Updated package metadata to point to the GitHub repository and the CenturyLink Assets Server (https://assets.ctl.io/chi) as the project homepage.
  • Added licensing and the CenturyLink contributor notice.
  • Removed unintentionally rounded corners on banner alerts.
  • Added close buttons to bubble alerts.