Change log

[unreleased] ()

v4.2.1 (2021-11-02)

  • Update logo URL by defautl to point to dashboard µapp (Requested on FSPP-43531).
  • Show the switcher text without any transformation (Reported on FSDE-8908).

v4.2.0 (2021-10-28)

  • Add support for fourth tier level. (FSDE-6698).
  • Add the Footer web component. (Requested on FSDE-173).
  • Change logout path and uri. (Requested on FSDE-4891).
  • Update Cypress version to 8.5.0. (Requested on FSDE-754).
  • Put only TDC class in sub menu. (Reported on FSDE-5691).

v4.1.2 (2021-09-16)

  • Hide the left side nav when there is no menu item available. (Reported on FSDE-173).
  • Add the TDC class OneLinkTx in DOM to test the functionality in demo.html. (Reported on FSDE-3602).

v4.1.1 (2021-08-10)

  • Fix CustomerType constant to check if it is SMB. (Reported on FSDE-2429).

v4.1.0 (2021-08-10)

  • Set the notification & alert icon with CC URL for SMB and PF URL for the rest. (Reported on FSDE-1245).
  • Style changes on mobile view. (Reported on FSDE-2155).

v4.0.8 (2021-08-03)

  • Fix channel ID and env when reading from Alerts & Notifications API. (Reported on FSDE-1437).

v4.0.7 (2021-08-03)

  • Load unread notification count from Alerts & Notifications API. (Reported on FSDE-1437).

v4.0.6 (2021-07-21)

  • Make the call to doNotContact endpoint syncronized to not block the menu itmes loading. (Reported on FSDE-1209).

v4.0.5 (2021-06-18)

  • Checked if the new menu has changed and dispose only in that case. (Reported on FSDE-962).

v4.0.4 (2021-06-17)

  • Retrieve AWS-cli image from nexus (used in S3 publishing, reported on FSDE-956).
  • Compulsory to update the change-log on a version bump.


  • Fixed update method listener attaching it to the document. (Reported on FSDE-948).


  • Removed unnecessary console.log in the code. (Reported on FSDE-883).


  • Adding the mobile view components to the library tsconfig. (Reported on FSDE-875).


  • Implement mobile view. (Reported on FSPE-7454).
  • Increase the Chi version to use 4.1.2 and change chi-header to use -lg. (Reported on FSPE-7849).
  • Add notification option to the mobile view. (Reported on FSDE-48).
  • Adapt test cases for the new view. (Reported on FSDE-38).


  • Change to (Reported on FSDE-743).
  • Add the App Name to the enterpriseNavMenuHighlighted event's detail (Reported on FSDE-40).


  • Remove chi-icons.js dependency. (Reported on FSDE-712).


  • Remove empty menu options and support full menu in dev environments. (Reported on FSDE-614).
  • Increase the Chi version to use 4.0. (Story reported on FSPE-7732).


  • Update digital data properties. (Bug reported on FSPE-7697).


  • Updated S3 folder in the publish step. (Bug reported on FSPE-7693).


  • Removed Notification Settings option from user drawer for Partner | SMB | loginAsEnterprise. (Requested on FSPP-35856).
  • Optimize library bundle size. (Feature requested on FSPE-7137).


  • Fixed data layer variable name for the channel. (Feature requested on FSPE-7611).
  • Added doNotContact to DigitalData object. (Feature requested on FSPE-7196).


  • Added new fields for Adobe DTM. (Requested on FSPE-7281).
  • Explore Lumen and Contact us links open in a new tab. (Requested on FSPE-7335).
  • Updated Chi to 3.12.0 and added notification settings link in the user menu. (Requested on FSPE-7435).


  • Added documentation page for integrating external systems and added it as "External Systems Integration" menu item in side nav. (Changes requested on FSPE-6996).
  • Removed My Profile option from users impersonated as LoginAsEnterprise. (Requested on FSPE-7047).


  • Providing the values to populate a data layer in all control center pages for enabling the integration of Qualtrics feedback application. (Changes requested on FSPE-6581).


  • Added custom items to infobar component for each item. (Feature requested on FSPE-6679).
  • Update post_logout_redirect_uri with new CC lumen login page. (Requested on FSPE-6685).
  • Updated help URLs for SMB and WHSL enterprise types. (Issue reported on FSPE-6678).


  • Skip entitleMenu call if navigationUrls property in Rudra is not empty. (Feature requested on FSPE-5803).
  • Update Chi version to 3.4.0.
  • Change centurylink domain to lumen in logout URLs. (Change requested on FSPE-6654).

v3.0.19 (Skipped)


  • Checking if request comes from a valid origin using keys instead of object value.
  • Remove CenturyLink styles. (Feature reported on FSPE-5941).
  • Emit error event. (Bug reported on FSPE-5946).
  • Update Chi version to 3.3.0.

v3.0.17 (Skipped)


  • Fix width and height values for SVG inline.
  • Remove enteprise-nav-info component (help icon) from header. (Feature reported on FSPE-6078).


  • Change stage red menu to default color.


  • Chi update to 3.0.0 version.
  • Remove extra margin on enterprise-nav-info component.
  • Adding ccmenu option to menuConf to let full component initialization. (Feature reported on FSPE-5831).
  • Adding lumen styles.


  • Fixing a race condition updating the menu option value in the initalization process.


  • Hightlight menu option on initialize or update methods. (Feature reported on FSPP-21679).
  • Remove, using id property, the dynamic options existed in menus.json. (FSPE-5719).


  • Use hover Chi sidenav.


  • Chi update to 2.4.1 version.


  • Fixing logout url for mylevel3 domain.


  • Adding dynamic menu options for production mode.


  • Adding update method to enterprise-nav-header component to let refresh it without a full reload. (Feature reported on FSPE-5415).


  • Update highlight menu option when URL changes. (Bug reported on FSPP-21647).
  • Remove My Profile when there isn't enterprises selected. (Feature reported on FSPP-21716).
  • Add notification number on notification icon. (Feature reported on FSPE-5390).


  • { "Content-Type": "application/json" } header removed on API calls. CORS issue caused.


  • Remove async/await for fetch calls.
  • Remove cache: no-store option from fetch calls.
  • Remove notification component when loginAsEnterprise. (Feature reported on FSPP-21572).
  • Set EnterpriseID on enterprises switcher for loginAsEnterprise when enterprises list doesn't come from Rudra. (Bug reported on FSPP-21289).


  • CC Partner should have logout and Centurylink logo URL to home. (Bug reported on FSPP-20726).
  • Remove enterprise switcher dropdown for SMB when enterprises list length === 1. (Bug reported on FSPP-20991).
  • Remove enterprise switcher dropdown for login as an enterprise. (Feature reported on FSPP-21289).


  • Logo event fixed for API initialization.
  • Move assets folder to Dimension.
  • Avoid use browser cache on fetch calls. (Bug reported on CSPL-7914).


  • Added trademark label (™) support to left menu. (Feature reported on FSPE-5257).
  • Remove enterprises and user tooltips. (Change reported on FSPE-5285).
  • Chi update to 2.2.0 version.
  • Update documentation with recommendations for using the library in frameworks.
  • Remove event for Partners in logo component. (Bug reported on FSPE-5286).
  • Change Help URL depending on customer type. (Bug reported on FSPE-5287).


  • Created header component enterprise-nav-header for unifying all headers components. (Feature reported on FSPE-5136).
  • Remove logout option when customerType is Partner. (Feature reported on FSPE-5155).
  • Show logo depending customerType value. (Feature reported on FSPE-5045).
  • Fix MyProfile and Impersonation logout URLS. (Bug reported on FSPP-20416, FSPP-20469 and FSPP-20577).


  • Updated URL logout with the latest CC URL logout. For that propused enterprise-nav-profile and enterprise-nav-user were changed. A new paramerer was added to them called env. Values accepted by env: local, stage and prod. Please review Initializating section. (Reported by Siddharth).
  • Fixed z-index issue with tooltips and CC layout. (Bug reported on CSPA-16516 comment).
  • Removed switcher when user has only one item on it. (Bug reported on CSPA-16594).
  • Fixed pointer cursor on second level menu. (Bug reported on CSPA-16593 and CSPA-16795).


  • Added tooltip on enterprise-nav-notification, enterprise-nav-info, enterprise-nav-user and enterprise-nav-enterprises components. (Bug reported on CSPA-16516).
  • Updated enterprise-nav-user component in order to show the login-id instead of the first-name and last-name concatenation. (Bug reported on CSPA-16516).
  • Updated enterprise-nav-enterprises component size when there are a few enterprises in the list. (Bug reported on CSPA-16516).